Take the Grow to Go Test

How prepared are you to go the nations—across the street or around the world?
Find out where you land on the Grow to Go Scale and plan your next steps.

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By the way, if you land it the Goer green, you know you’ll always be Growing.
This is san assessment tool that lists fifty things most prepared goers have put into consistent practice in their daily lives.
After you complete the test, make sure to enter your e-mail to have the questions e-mailed to you with the corresponding chapters.


View Your Answers

1. After you complete the test, make sure to enter your e-mail to have the questions e-mailed to you with the corresponding chapters.

2. You will compare your Total Score with the following categories:


1-59: "Starter": Start small, start soon, and start simple.

You might just be starting out making disciples from other countries. You probably scored higher in a couple of areas. But the majority of areas include activities you haven’t tried yet, aren’t practicing right now, or aren’t doing often. Don’t try to do it all at once. Just choose a few questions where you chose Rarely or Sometimes, and make a plan to try something new. If you scored low on question #5 and #50 about time spent in prayer or reading God’s Word, focus on this first. Spend time with Jesus each day to build on a strong relational, spiritual foundation. Desiring to become a Grower is a great start!


60-95: "Grower": Build on what you know

You practice certain activities that align your heart with God’s heart for the nations. If you score in the upper half of this range, you may be high in a specific category (like those related to spiritual disciplines) but lower in another category (like those related to outreach). If you want to prepare yourself for work in another culture, look at the questions where you chose Sometimes. Try doing what you’re already doing more often and more regularly. If you have any areas with Rarely, try to practice a different aspect of making disciples of the nations that might not be as natural for you. You’re well on your way to becoming a Goer, so be encouraged!


96-150: "Goer": Get ready to Go!

You are consistently practicing activities that align your heart and your daily life with God’s heart to make disciples of all nations. You practice spiritual disciplines that keep you close to Jesus, while also getting experience in practical areas that can make you a fruitful discipler of the nations. You should consider full-time cross-cultural work with people who have the least access to Jesus Christ, or perhaps you’re already doing this. Pray about contacting mission agencies that could send and coach you to the nations.. Keep practicing, and keep praying. Seek guidance from the Holy Spirit on who you are called to…and with whom, and then he will show you how and where.


Analyze your progress

1. When you get the questions in your e-mail after taking the test, circle the questions in which you chose Rarely or a 0-1 frequency/people/percentage. Each set of questions corresponds to a specific chapter in the book. Notice which chapters have more questions circled. Re-read the chapter, and make a plan to start practicing the suggestions in that chapter.

2. Underline the questions in which you chose Sometimes or a 2-3 frequency/people/percentage. Re-read the chapter to get insight on how to increase the frequency you practice those activities or the amount of people with whom you interact.

3. Put an asterisk next to the questions that marked More or a 4-9 frequency/people/percentage. Ask yourself how you see spiritual fruit in those areas based on the effort you’re putting into those activities.

4. Star the questions in which you chose Often or a 10+ frequency/people/percentage. You are ready to pour into other people in these areas. Make sure you’re always bringing someone along with you in this area, sharing who you are and your experience.